Windows 10 Servicing Branches

In Windows by James Rankin

Windows 10 is looming large on the horizon for many enterprises as they look to refresh their desktop estates. Understanding what is new in Microsoft’s flagship operating system is vital to making the correct deployment decisions. Unfortunately, as with Microsoft’s arcane licensing terms, understanding the new “servicing branches” in Windows … Read More

How to Balance Security and Compliance

In Security by Andrew Baker

Businesses of all sizes not only face increasing security threats but also greater regulatory compliance requirements.  Here are some strategies to help find a balance between Security and Compliance and align your information security activities with your industry/regulatory compliance requirements. Security and Compliance Despite considerable efforts within the information security … Read More

“Help! My Outlook Contacts Are Missing!”

In Applications, Email by Patrick McHugh

Imagine this scenario… A Microsoft Outlook user gets a new computer. Everything is loaded and it works great. After several minutes of using their new computer, the user shrieks in horror, “All my Outlook Contacts are missing!” You confidently but sheepishly point to the Contacts part of their Microsoft Outlook … Read More

BrainStorm K20 – that was amazing!

In Company News, Monitoring by Jesse Rink

This year’s BrainStorm K20 conference in the Wisconsin Dells was positively electric as education technologists from across the Midwest gathered together to connect, inform, and inspire. We sure hope your school or school district had the opportunity to attend! It was truly an amazing experience! The focus for Source One Technology … Read More

Network Resource Availability and Data Integrity

In Servers, Windows by Glenn Thomas

Part 2 of our Network Remodeling / Redesigning / Restructuring services series In my previous post Active Directory Design, Optimization, and Automation we discussed how your organization’s Active Directory design acts as the core system in which most other network functions stem from. In this post Network Resource Availability and … Read More

An ounce of monitoring – a pound of prevention

In Monitoring, Networking by Patrick McHugh

network monitoring makes prevention better than cure

With an ever increasing amount of technology, networks, servers and solutions, it becomes more important to monitor all aspects of our systems. Network monitoring gives us a real-time picture of the health and maintenance requirements of our systems and assists us with  IT performance troubleshooting. Over the years, we have investigated … Read More

First crack at BrainStorm 2016

In Company News by Patrick McHugh

brainstorm 2016

Source One Technology, Inc. is proud to announce our participation in Wisconsin’s preeminent conference for the K-20 educational sector. This will be our first time at BrainStorm 2016 (17.0). The three-day conference, which runs between February 28th and March 1st, has a Vendor Expo that is only 4 hours. The rest … Read More

Using PRTG to Monitor Windows Server Backup

In Monitoring, Servers, Windows by Jesse Rink

Using PRTG to monitor server backups

While PRTG (available at has many cool sensors available out-of-box for monitoring valuable network and server related data, unfortunately, it doesn’t have an easy way to monitor the Windows Server Backup service on Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 R2 servers. Today, many small and medium businesses, and even … Read More

Network Remodeling / Redesigning / Restructuring Services – Overview

In Networking, Servers, Windows by Glenn Thomas

network remodeling overview

This multi-series blog post will be an overview of Source One Technology’s network remodeling/redesigning/restructuring services. This series will give you insight on the network management tools and protocols Source One Technology uses, how future maintenance costs are actually reduced, and how your network infrastructure can easily adapt over the course … Read More

How does the ‘PC Guy’ buy a laptop?

In Hardware by Patrick McHugh

How does the PC guy buy a laptop

Family, friends, students and customers ask me this all the time… “I need a new computer; what should I get?” Often times, it seems like they are expecting an answer that is filled with meggerbites and giggerhurts. Introspection sets in when I actually ask – What do expect to do … Read More

Using PRTG to Monitor Your Available DHCP Leases

In Monitoring by Jesse Rink

Using PRTG to monitor your available DHCP leases

How many times do we as network engineers get frustrated when one of our DHCP scope ranges gets dangerously close to running out of available lease addresses, or worse yet, actually runs out of available DHCP addresses, and we start getting calls from the helpdesk asking why people can no longer … Read More

Jumping on the Windows 10 bandwagon

In Windows by Patrick McHugh

On July 29, 2015, Microsoft released their latest version of Windows – Windows 10. This is a new foray into a delivery system of software called “SAAS” (Software as a service.) All legitimate licensed owners of Windows 7, 8, 8.1 were given one year to upgrade. So naturally, the first … Read More