Cybersecurity and Business continuity

Disaster recovery planning

Putting together a Disaster Recovery Plan should be a priority for any business if they want to successfully navigate their way when natural disasters occur.

Disasters can stem from theft or vandalism of network/server infrastructure equipment, catastrophic hardware failures, virus and ransomware outbreaks, sudden death/illness of key personnel, or facility damage resulting from fire, flood and other weather-related incidents. All of these scenarios can have a devastating impact on your overall business and cripple production and day-to-day operations.

Unplanned downtime and outages that result from disasters are more expensive than you think, and the costs always go far beyond repairing or replacing any physical damage. It is important that an organization be prepared and equipped to handle these disasters to help minimize the overall impending financial impact.

Disaster recovery planning services

Each year, the increase of corporate malfeasance and security incidents leads to increasing industry and government oversight that require more regulations and compliance standards. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are key elements of these kinds of programs. Source One Technology’s team of experienced engineers can help put together all the necessary pieces of an effective disaster recovery plan for your business that contains detailed instructions on how to respond to those potential disruptions.

Our services can help you document and define key areas, such as:

Understanding for key words and phrases used in the document.
Identifying what to do when an incident has occurred.
Listing who is responsible for executing what role(s) pertaining to the disaster recovery plan.
Personnel and organizational chart
Maintaining an updated list of key personnel within departments.
Contact lists
Containing both internal contacts and external contacts as required.
Application profiles
List and detail regarding business critical applications.
Inventory profiles
List and detail for computer hardware inventory, make, model, serial number, and location.
Data backup capabilities
Backup and DR strategies in place for server infrastructure.
Data restoration capabilities
Realistic restoration capabilities and expected recovery time of data/servers.
And much more
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Source One Technology has been a valuable service partner with our school district for years and has always provided us with outstanding service. With the increase of cyber incidents in K-12 schools, we knew we needed to ensure a safe online learning environment for our school community, and Source One Technology’s Cybersecurity Assessment and follow-up went above and beyond our expectations. They assured us that many of our systems were secure and identified important issues for us to address to make our environment even safer. Throughout the process, they checked in, asked questions, researched, and provided insight for us. We highly recommend Source One Technology for your Cybersecurity Assessment.
Valerie Verhunce
Director of Technology
Hartford Union High School
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