IT Infrastructure Services


Limited rack space and decreasing budgets can sometimes cripple your ability to deliver the best IT service to your organization. Virtualization helps to address the core issues and inefficiencies found in your organization’s server and storage environment.

Source One Technology’s wealth of experience with virtualization technology can help to reduce sprawling server farms and reduce costs of hardware, expensive warranties or carepacks. We cut the time required to support those bloated infrastructures, resulting in more time for your IT department and staff to focus on delivering new innovative services and providing more responsive end user support.

Virtualizing your business

Our senior engineers are experts in designing, implementing and supporting virtualization solutions from leading vendors such as VMware and Microsoft.   Whether your virtualized environment is a simple one, or more complex and requires engineers with the knowledge of High Availability or Clustering, vMotion, Storage vMotion, Fault Tolerance, Distributed Resource Scheduler, Distributed Switching, vSAN, or other key components, we have the advanced skillsets necessary to help support and troubleshoot your virtualized environment.   

Furthermore, we offer advice and solutions that are based on industry best practices and they will be perfectly tailored to your specific requirements and budget available for any project.  

Once the virtualization project has been completed, we can either hand over to your internal server team, or we can continue to manage your VMware or Hyper-V environment for you, freeing up your time and staff for other duties.

Our VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization services include:

Server virtualization
We can design, implement and troubleshoot virtualized server environments regardless of the number of physical or virtual machines at your organization.

Desktop virtualization
We can design, implement and troubleshoot virtualized desktop environments to help simplify the delivery of desktops to your users and cut the cost of having a PC on every desk in the office or remote office.

Case study

Virtualization transforms IT operations for event equipment & logistics company.

Clearwing Productions used virtualization to replace hardware in an overflowing server room and deliver non-stop services to users.

Working with us

Every organization is unique, and so is the service we provide.

Peace of mind

With Source One Technology, you won’t be locked into any service contracts.

Trusted partner

Unlike most vendors, we won’t try to upsell you expensive and unnecessary solutions; instead, we work to provide right-sized solutions that minimize your need to rely on us – partnership without salesmanship.

No middle person

We’ve completely eliminated the “sales” role in our business model; when you call, you’ll speak directly with one of our network engineers – no sales-speak, and no unnecessary tech-speak.

Exceptional service

We believe our greatest asset is our team of skilled and personable people who are committed to bringing you the best possible service and personal touch.

Long-term value

By consistently striving to deliver affordable solutions and far-reaching results, we have achieved a 98%+ client retention rate.

See our approach to helping you succeed.

Our CFO is delighted with the progress we’ve made over the last six years and that we can deliver, no matter what kind of IT challenges come our way. There’s an expectation that we can work miracles. With Source One Technology by our side, very often, we do. They’ve been a huge asset, keeping us ahead of the curve on upcoming projects…People often ask me who I’d recommend as an IT partner. I always recommend reaching out to Jesse Rink and Source One Technology. Based on the responses I get from the board, the executives, my IT team, and end users, that recommendation isn’t about to change.
David Eto
IT Director
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