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IT assessments

Knowing your organization’s strengths and weaknesses related to Information Technology is critical to ensuring you have a healthy, stable, and well-performing network configured using industry best practices. 

With Source One Technology’s assessment options, you can choose which aspect of your environment you want to be evaluated and reported on.  One of our senior engineers will then perform an onsite IT assessment that includes a detailed written report which documents what your company is doing well, and what areas need improvement, along with providing both short-term and long-term recommendations. 

Types of IT assessments

Our team will work with you to help explain the overall scope of work and clearly state the deliverables of the selected IT assessment, along with helping you understand the timeline involved and associated responsibilities.  The report itself will be written in language/verbiage that will be easily understood by the intended target audience (either technical or non-technical).  Furthermore, all IT assessments will have a follow-up review and meeting with applicable stakeholders/leadership to discuss the findings and answer any questions/concerns that are raised as a result of the assessment. 
We offer the following types of IT assessments, at mimimum:

General IT assessment
Provides a high-level overview assessment/report on the overall technology infrastructure.

Cybersecurity assessment
Determines the overall cybersecurity posture of your organization and identifies any susceptibility to and recoverability from ransomware and other prevalent cyber-attacks.

IT security and risk assessment
In-depth review of your organization’s information security program through policy, configuration, and vulnerability assessments to ensure proper layered security and defense-in-depth strategies are in place.  The information security program assessment will consider alignment to various industry best practices and standards frameworks such as NIST, SANS, and ISO.

Working with us

Every organization is unique, and so is the service we provide.

Peace of mind

With Source One Technology, you won’t be locked into any service contracts.

Trusted partner

Unlike most vendors, we won’t try to upsell you expensive and unnecessary solutions; instead, we work to provide right-sized solutions that minimize your need to rely on us – partnership without salesmanship.

No middle person

We’ve completely eliminated the “sales” role in our business model; when you call, you’ll speak directly with one of our network engineers – no sales-speak, and no unnecessary tech-speak.

Exceptional service

We believe our greatest asset is our team of skilled and personable people who are committed to bringing you the best possible service and personal touch.

Long-term value

By consistently striving to deliver affordable solutions and far-reaching results, we have achieved a 98%+ client retention rate.

See our approach to helping you succeed.

Our aging network infrastructure and wireless backbone were in desperate need of replacement. We brought in Source One Technology to address those concerns and update the entire network, core-to-edge. We also had them design/install a new 802.11AC wireless solution capable of supporting our school’s growing student base and dynamic wireless needs. The network and wireless are performing flawlessly, and we continue to utilize their engineers for regular network and server support.
Carol Hughes
IT Director
Carmen Schools of Science & Technology
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