Is Windows 11 Enterprise Ready?

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Is Windows 11 Enterprise Ready?

Do you remember Microsoft saying Windows 10 would be the last major desktop Operating System release, only to roll out Windows 11 in 2021? Why did they go back on what they had said before? Only they can tell you. All I can do is speculate. So here goes… Perhaps it … Read More

Storage Spaces Direct Deployment Best Practices.

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Storage Spaces Direct

Introduced in Microsoft Windows Server 2016, Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) is Microsoft’s new software-defined storage solution that allows enterprises to create logically defined storage volumes across hosts using locally attached storage. With the release of Windows Server 2019, it has continued to mature and is an even more powerful solution. … Read More

DNS Scavenging In Active Directory – Settings and Configuration

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In nearly every environment I’ve walked into, especially those that are more mature (read: older), DNS contains a plethora of stale entries, whether statically configured and forgotten about or dynamically registered, but never deleted or scavenged.  Most of those environments could benefit from implementing Active Directory DNS Scavenging. For some … Read More

The new Windows Server Essentials experience

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windows server essentials

The third quarter of 2016 will bring a smile to the face of many business owners throughout the world. That’s when Windows Server 2016 will launch. You can look at it as the big brother of Windows Server Essentials.  With the new software at our doorstep, let’s go over its features and … Read More

Windows 10 Servicing Branches

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Windows 10 is looming large on the horizon for many enterprises as they look to refresh their desktop estates. Understanding what is new in Microsoft’s flagship operating system is vital to making the correct deployment decisions. Unfortunately, as with Microsoft’s arcane licensing terms, understanding the new “servicing branches” in Windows … Read More

Network Resource Availability and Data Integrity

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Part 2 of our Network Remodeling / Redesigning / Restructuring services series In my previous post Active Directory Design, Optimization, and Automation we discussed how your organization’s Active Directory design acts as the core system in which most other network functions stem from. In this post Network Resource Availability and … Read More

Using PRTG to Monitor Windows Server Backup

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Using PRTG to monitor server backups

While PRTG (available at has many cool sensors available out-of-box for monitoring valuable network and server related data, unfortunately, it doesn’t have an easy way to monitor the Windows Server Backup service on Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 R2 servers. Today, many small and medium businesses, and even … Read More

Network Remodeling / Redesigning / Restructuring Services – Overview

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network remodeling overview

This multi-series blog post will be an overview of Source One Technology’s network remodeling/redesigning/restructuring services. This series will give you insight on the network management tools and protocols Source One Technology uses, how future maintenance costs are actually reduced, and how your network infrastructure can easily adapt over the course … Read More

Jumping on the Windows 10 bandwagon

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On July 29, 2015, Microsoft released their latest version of Windows – Windows 10. This is a new foray into a delivery system of software called “SAAS” (Software as a service.) All legitimate licensed owners of Windows 7, 8, 8.1 were given one year to upgrade. So naturally, the first … Read More