Managed Services Providers: What They Do and Why You Need Them

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computer managed services provider milwaukee

Today, almost every modern business relies in some way or other on the internet and computer networks. But not every business has the need or resources for internal IT skills to keep everything running smoothly. For most organizations, IT is ‘plumbing’ – you know you need it, and it needs … Read More

7 Network Security Risks and How to Deal With Them

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Computer Network Security Companies, Milwaukee: 7 Network Security Risks

Infiltration into your core business network could be devastating for any sized business, particularly small businesses.  Ransomware freezes the system, holding it hostage for a fix. Viruses corrupt data and destroy entire databases throughout a computer network. Spyware steals company secrets or uses personal data.  Any one breach can compromise … Read More

Hiring yet another Sr. Network/Server Consultant

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WE ARE GROWING! Here is an opportunity for experienced Sr. Systems Engineers and Sr. Network Consultants to join our team in the Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha areas. The primary responsibility is to provide networking/server support services for our customers. A strong candidate will be able to provide on-going technical support … Read More

If you missed BrainStorm 2017…

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BrainStorm 2017

If you’re responsible for the IT in schools, the BrainStorm 2017 K20 Conference is a ‘must attend’ event.  We’ve been going for the last few years, and as well as getting to share what we do with attendees, BrainStorm is also a great place to learn about what’s keeping IT professionals … Read More

Sharing our experience of Professional Development with MAPA.

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Source One Technology present at MAPA

Having worked with schools for over 10 years, Source One Technology was invited to share its experiences with Milwaukee Archdiocese Principals Association (MAPA) members this last Friday.  MAPA provides professional development to principals in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and works closely with the Office for Schools. The bi-annual event, attended … Read More

3 Successful Keys to IT Asset Management

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IT Asset Management

Whether you’re a small business, a large enterprise, or anything in between, having at least a basic IT Asset Management (ITAM) process can help streamline the process of planning, deploying and supporting your IT infrastructure.  In this article, we will discuss each of the three major components you should focus … Read More

Housekeeping: Active Directory DNS Scavenging

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In nearly every environment I’ve walked into, especially those that are more mature (read: older), DNS contains a plethora of stale entries, whether statically configured and forgotten about or dynamically registered, but never deleted or scavenged.  Most of those environments could benefit from implementing Active Directory DNS Scavenging. For some … Read More

Managing performance issues in Office 365

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Office 365 has been upon us for a while, and represents one of Microsoft’s big pushes (alongside Azure) towards their “cloud first, mobile first” model. Rather cynically, of course, it also represents their move to locking users and data into a subscription-based model, with all of the recurring revenue that … Read More

How to deploy HP MSM wireless – a step by step guide

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Step by step walkthrough for HP MSM wireless

Having trouble understanding the cumbersome and lengthy installation and setup guides provided by HP when it comes to setting up and deploying an HP MSM controller-based wireless solution?  Take a look at this how-to document written by Source One Technology to help you better understand the necessary steps for successfully … Read More

What are the main causes of computer virus Infections ?

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computer virus infections

Computer virus infections are the nightmare of a business owner. That’s hardly a surprise, though.  After all, what business owner wants to deal with computer infections that can cause severe damage to their data and important documents? It’s no secret that computer viruses can cause companies to lose: Client data Customers … Read More

Your Guide when It Comes to Choosing a Strong Password

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choosing a strong password

What’s the first thing you do when you open your laptop? If you’re someone that cares about protecting their personal data, then your answer would be “I enter my password”. Nowadays, we use passwords for basically every account that we have online and sometimes even for our phone. Choosing a strong … Read More

The new Windows Server Essentials experience

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windows server essentials

The third quarter of 2016 will bring a smile to the face of many business owners throughout the world. That’s when Windows Server 2016 will launch. You can look at it as the big brother of Windows Server Essentials.  With the new software at our doorstep, let’s go over its features and … Read More

The most common cases of phishing and how to avoid them

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common cases of phishing

Phishing is the act of obtaining sensitive company data and financial details by using deceiving methods. Surprisingly, many businesses and institutions still fall prey to common cases of phishing nowadays. While people have learned how to avoid such intrusions over time, the methods themselves have been perfected. That means that the risk of falling … Read More