Managed Services Providers (MSPs): What They Do and Why You Need Them.

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computer managed services provider milwaukee

For most organizations, IT is ‘plumbing’ – you know you need it, and it needs to work, but you’d rather not have to roll up your sleeves to work out how to flush your caches or fix that data leak! Managed Services Provider’s (MSPs) are technology consultants who take away … Read More

BrainStorm K20 – that was amazing!

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This year’s BrainStorm K20 conference in the Wisconsin Dells was positively electric as education technologists from across the Midwest gathered together to connect, inform, and inspire. We sure hope your school or school district had the opportunity to attend! It was truly an amazing experience! The focus for Source One Technology … Read More

Using PRTG to monitor Windows Server Backup

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Using PRTG to monitor server backups

While PRTG (available at has many cool sensors available out-of-box for monitoring valuable network and server related data, unfortunately, it doesn’t have an easy way to monitor the Windows Server Backup service on Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 R2 servers. Today, many small and medium businesses, and even … Read More

Using PRTG to monitor your available DHCP leases

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Using PRTG to monitor your available DHCP leases

How many times do we as network engineers get frustrated when one of our DHCP scope ranges gets dangerously close to running out of available lease addresses, or worse yet, actually runs out of available DHCP addresses, and we start getting calls from the helpdesk asking why people can no longer … Read More