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by Glenn Thomas


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This multi-series blog post will be an overview of Source One Technology’s networking support services. This series will give you insight into the network management tools and protocols Source One Technology uses, how future maintenance costs are actually reduced, and how your network infrastructure can easily adapt over the course of time.

Part 1

Active Directory design, optimization, and automation

The first part of this 3 part series will focus on Active Directory Design, Optimization, and Automation. Whether you are a small company with one server with only a handful of client computers to a large organization or educational institution with dozens of servers and thousands of client computers Active Directory Services should be central orchestrator for your authentication, resource security, and most of the automation for your entire network. Are you wasting time and budgeted money that can easily be focused on other IT project and goals?

Part 2

Network resource availability, security, and data integrity


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The second part of the 3 part series will be an overview of securing resources on your network and insuring they are available and most importantly protected. Nearly all of the customers I support ask the question “Who has access to what?” and furthermore, I need to schedule time for a sit down to visually show them permissions on a network share, access to the network remotely via VPN, and so on. This is a very expensive and time consuming process, and can be easily overlooked as more pressing projects take precedence – when your data’s integrity should be the most important focus!

Part 3

Client OS deployments & management

Client operating systems may be the most labor intensive systems on your network especially in a smaller environments. In this third part of the series, we will be discussing how we dissolve this problem by implementing an operating system deployment framework that will lead to less daily headaches for your company moving forward.

Glenn Thomas

Glenn Thomas

Glenn is a Network Engineer at Source One Technology and has been providing IT consulting services to Enterprises, SMBs, schools, and nonprofits in Waukesha, Milwaukee, Dane, Washington , Jefferson, Ozaukee, Kenosha, Racine counties and across Wisconsin for over 15 years.

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