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We're wired differently

As a Source One Technology customer, you'll never have to worry about wasting your valuable time talking with useless sales people who don’t truly comprehend the technical aspects of your IT needs.

We decided to completely eliminate the ‘sales person’ role in our business model, so when you call us you will immediately be put in contact with our plain speaking Network Engineers - no sales-speak, and no unnecessary tech-speak.

We also consider ourselves hardware and software agnostic. We won’t be making any outrageous claims that there is only ONE hardware vendor, or ONE software product, that is capable of accomplishing your given IT goals. There are a number of available tools out there with all the capabilities you need to get the job done.

And unlike some IT solution providers out there, our goal is not to sell you a bunch of expensive hardware or provide complicated, over-engineered IT solutions that force you to rely on us to further support your IT environment. Instead, our goal is to provide effective technology solutions that solve your IT challenges within your budget, while providing a solution that minimizes your need to rely on us to manage and support it.

Affordable IT solutions for Wisconsin Businesses, Schools and Nonprofits

We've been serving organizations of all types and sizes across Southern Wisconsin for over 10 years.

We provide impartial advice you can trust

We're regularly asked our advice about networking issues and IT solutions, and we share hints, tips, tools and resources on our blog, on Twitter and on LinkedIn.

Below you'll find just a taster of what the Source One Technology team do - give honest, practical IT advice and solve problems. And because we’re seasoned network engineers, it’s information you can trust.

Source One Technology BBB Business Review
  • “Source One Technology has been and continues to be our trusted advisor when it comes to infrastructure upgrades. Their depth and breadth of knowledge is stunning and keeps my mind at ease, because they deliver successful solutions to complex issues time and time again.”

    Nathan Mielke

    Technology Director

    Hartford Union High School, Wisconsin

  • “Source One’s network assessment gave us confidence that our IT operation is solid, while also identifying several important issues for us to address. Their report was specific, rigorous, and written in plain language.”

    Bill Herman

    IT Director

    Monona Grove School District, Wisconsin

“I would not trust my network and servers to anyone else.”

Denise Oehldrich
Owner, ACWireless.net
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