Managing Office 365 performance issues

In Applications, Office 365 by James Rankin

Office 365 has been upon us for a while and represents one of Microsoft’s big pushes (alongside Azure) towards their “cloud first, mobile first” model. Most of us haven’t gone for full-fat Office 365 just yet, because of a few Office 365 performance issues with the web-based versions such as missing functionality, … Read More

Why Your Business Should Consider Office 365

In Applications by Jesse Rink

Each day, new applications release with the sole intent of improving the efficiency of businesses. While some apps are not necessary, others can be real lifesavers, like Office 365. This new version of Office has the features of Office 2016 and many more. Both products use cloud storage but Office … Read More

“Help! My Outlook Contacts Are Missing!”

In Applications, Email by Patrick McHugh

Imagine this scenario… A Microsoft Outlook user gets a new computer. Everything is loaded and it works great. After several minutes of using their new computer, the user shrieks in horror, “All my Outlook Contacts are missing!” You confidently but sheepishly point to the Contacts part of their Microsoft Outlook … Read More